Liquid Silver Turquoise Necklaces

As shiny and beautiful as the silver you know, but as flexible as water at the same time, liquid silver is a simply stunning piece that takes a lot of skill and patience to create. The idea behind these pieces is to create very fine strands of silver (made from tiny silver beads) and create a seemingly uniform strand of silver for jewelry. The artist may also choose to place as many strands together as they need to make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The effect gives the silver the appearance of a soft and flowy look, getting its name as “liquid” silver.

About Liquid Silver Turquoise Necklaces

Liquid silver also goes by “Heishi” silver jewelry because of the similar way in which very fine strands of silver can be made from small silver beads.

This particular craft took off in the Southwest region of the United States and can usually be seen paired with a turquoise stone. These pieces are simply elegant and beautiful. The free-flowing nature of liquid silver complements the turquoise perfectly. Both have their history in beliefs in water.

In Native American culture, turquoise is considered a sacred stone because of its blue hue and is believed to harness the healing and life-giving properties of water. Because of this fact, the two make a perfect pair for jewelry artisans to use.

Many believe that the art of crafting liquid silver turquoise necklaces originated from Native American tribes as well, after learning the art of metalwork from the Spanish. Since then, they have used different silversmith techniques to create a new art form.

Liquid silver turquoise necklaces are stunning works of art that take on a life of their own when worn. They appear to flow like water and give a special emphasis to the turquoise stone set at the center of this piece at the same time.

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