Multicolor Silver Turquoise Necklaces

Most people love multicolor jewelry because of its vibrancy, connection to spring and summer attire, and the whimsical designs that are often associated with it. However, some of the most exquisite pieces use turquoise stones to achieve a stunning result. This is especially true of Southwestern Native American tribes and artists of the region as well.

More About Multicolor Silver Turquoise Necklaces

Over the decades, the Southwest has cultivated this style and made it their own. People around the world flock to the rich colors from the use of multiple gemstones that require a certain skill set to be able to cut and set into silver.

Some of the most prominent makers of multicolor silver turquoise necklaces are the Southwest Native American tribes, more specifically the Navajo.

Navajo multicolor silver turquoise necklaces usually feature beaded turquoise and have a prominent silver pendant at the center. Another common practice is featuring the silver in the setting itself, making a fine silver chain all the way around with turquoise, coral, and many other stones set into the silver along the way.

Another method that the Navajo employ is creating stranded beaded necklaces that have small, but elegant, silver clasps at both ends to tie the piece together.

Since turquoise is the most dominate gem of the land, it’s the most frequently used. However, there are some stones that frequently accompany turquoise in multicolor silver turquoise necklaces. For example, red coral, orange oyster shell, malachite, tiger eye, and lapis lazuli are frequently used as well.

Multicolor silver turquoise necklaces are a beautiful feature of Southwest fashion and continue to be innovated for modern tastes. While there are many cuts and designs for this style, certain elements continue to remain the same, like the stones used (indicating the area where they were made) and will persist to be a stunning part of fashion for years to come.

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