Silver Turquoise Necklace

About the Silver Turquoise Necklace

The History of Silver Turquoise Necklaces

There are different times during the development of human civilization when different types of jewelry were developed before others. Evidence of pieces that were unearthed by archaeologists has shown that the necklace design and function was used as early as the Stone Age. Because of its function, the ability to string up found items including turquoise was easy to do and could very well have resulted in early turquoise necklaces. It would not be until the Bronze Age that the silver turquoise necklace might have become more popular.

The Bronze Age marked a time when the ability to smelt together metals was in its earliest stage. From here, many items were created that used a variety of gems and precious stones to create things such as the silver turquoise necklace. It was during this time that its popularity spread to others that lead tribes and developing civilizations throughout the East and West.

The Role of the Silver Turquoise Necklace in Native American History

Native American’s flourished throughout North America during the pre-Columbian age. Silver turquoise necklace would not have been possible if it had not been for the introduction of its technique by the Spaniards. The ability to smelt silver made the creation of silver turquoise necklaces possible.

The men and women of different tribes as decorations, ceremonial rituals or engagements used these. There is a reason to think that through certain rights of passage, silver turquoise necklaces were made and given for that purpose. This kind of jewelry is present during the 16th century onward and eventually increased when it was possible to mass-produce these for visitors and tourists.

The Silver Turquoise Necklace Todayws388089

The popularity of silver turquoise necklace is very strong today since the designs are much more flexible to make. They can be large chest pieces or small, especially since silver is also very common in all jewelry. There are more possibilities that silver turquoise necklaces can be bought at mainstream jewelry outlets through malls and other popular locations.

Families of Native American tribes are very protective of their jewelry as they should be. A silver turquoise necklace that is handed down by their ancestry is very valuable and is most likely kept in safe places, perhaps taken out during rituals that last to this day. The meaning behind a silver turquoise necklace like this might be specific to that family, yet there is no sense that a silver turquoise necklace necessary means the same thing in one tribe as it did in another.

The design of a silver turquoise necklace is very open to interpretation. However, for the most part, it can be agreed that a silver turquoise necklace promotes a more positive outlook towards health, happiness, and long life. We can also agree that with the radiance of the two materials combined, silver turquoise necklaces are a powerful symbol.

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