Zuni Silver Turquoise Necklaces

Zuni jewelry artisans are often remembered for their unique style and more modern approach to proportions (size of stone and silver compared to the rest of the piece). It’s in their style that they separate themselves from all other tribes in a distinct and unique way, especially in their turquoise necklaces. Zuni silver turquoise necklaces are simply stunning works of art that use reliable silversmith methods to create quality jewelry.

About Zuni Silver Turquoise Necklaces

It’s plain to see that what really sets Zuni silver turquoise necklaces apart, and their jewelry, in general, is the use of Native American symbolism in their jewelry is more prevalent than any other tribe, especially in the metal setting they use to hold the stones.

While the Navajo keep to simple designs, the Zuni pride themselves on their use of symbolism in silver. One example that continues to spring up in Zuni art and jewelry is the use of the snake. This ancient symbol is believed to represent rebirth and renewal.

There are a number of ways in which Zuni artists can implement their symbolism in the design of the necklace, but the most popular seem to be a continuous pattern in the setting. The chosen symbol will continue around the necklace and loop back around to the main piece.

However, as with most artists, it’s impossible to pin a Zuni artisan down with traditional troupes. All artists want to stand out in some way or another and modern Zuni artists are no different.

From this need to create original pieces, Zuni artists will break from the traditional route, at least in some way, and use different colored stones, show more matrixes in their turquoise, or change up the proportions in some way.

Whatever the style, Zuni artists are masters of their craft and they produce stunning silver turquoise necklaces.

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